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Há espaço para altruísmo e compaixão no nosso sistema económico?

Is there room for altruism and compassion in our economic system?

On April 9 - 11, 2010, at the Kongresshaus Zürich, economic leaders and leading minds in neuroscience, applied economics, philosophy, contemplative science and anthropology will discuss moral and ethical dimensions of our economic system.

The ongoing global financial crisis clearly shows how vulnerable economic systems are to human behavior, particularly to corruption and greed. This conference focuses on the question: can we develop economic systems which deliver prosperity and welfare, while at the same time reward altruism and compassion?

Speakers include:

The XIV Dalai Lama
William George, M.B.A., Harvard Business School
Tania Singer, Ph.D., University of Zürich
Lord Richard Layard, Ph.D., London School of Economics
Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, M.B.A., Forma Futura Invest, Inc.
Matthieu Ricard, Ph.D., Shechen Monastery

Questions include:

Is it possible to develop an economic system which rewards a whole society as opposed to only one individual?
Can we conceive of a system that not only recognizes competitive success, but also recognizes cooperation and compassion?
What needs to change in the thinking structure of economists in order to facilitate that change?
Can an economic system be developed that resolves real societal problems related to poverty and environment?
The Mind and Life XX conference offers a unique opportunity to follow a high-level interdisciplinary exchange between scientists and economists.

The whole dialogue will be held in English. Please find attendance and registration details on our homepage: www.compassionineconomics.org.

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The Mind & Life Institute
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